Social Responsibility


    At Evrim, we have been able to attract partnerships with top global mining companies, and as a result, we have evolved our own social and environmental standards. We have a shared commitment to safety, community engagement and care for the environment.



    Exploration encounters a range of potential hazards. The most common risks at this stage are transportation related to and from an exploration program, drilling operations, field operations (slips, falls, forest fires, wildlife encounters), aircraft operations and security (depending on the jurisdiction).

    At Evrim, we use safety training, daily risk assessments and toolbox meetings, incident and near miss reporting as ways to assess, prevent, and where possible eliminate, potential risks to the health and safety of our workers. We promote a culture of health and safety that flows from management to field crews. Every member is empowered to take charge of their own health and safety as well as for fellow team members.

    We aim to measure and track our performance on a yearly basis and to use our own historical performance as a baseline for continuous improvement. We believe that this is a fair and suitable approach, as there are no comparative industry guidelines to follow specifically for mineral explorers at this time.


    We strive to minimise our impact on the environment by exploring with minimal disturbance.

    Evrim carries out progressive reclamation of surface disturbance activities such as the establishment of camps, drilling, trenching and access construction: 

      • Disturbed sites are left free of refuse and re-seeded (where applicable) to encourage re-vegetation.
      • Drill sites are, to the extent possible, restored to their original contours and re-seeded to facilitate revegetation.
      • Drill cuttings collected in sump are backfilled, restored to their original contours and re-seeded (where applicable).
      • Rehabilitated access roads are restored to their pre-existing condition and are re-seeded to encourage re-vegetation.  Erosion-prevention measures are installed on new access roads and are also re-seeded to encourage re-vegetation, unless local stakeholders prefer to keep the roads open for their own use.



    We believe that the diverse and unique attributes that each of us brings to Evrim enhances our company’s value and makes us stronger. This is why we strive to create an environment that respects and promotes the diversity of our team and communities where we work.

    Our corporate and exploration offices in Vancouver, Canada and Hermosillo, Mexico reflect our inclusive culture. Our team comes from all over the world; Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Sri Lanka, U.K, and the United States. We believe this to be a great asset for our team, as we are often exposed to different ideas and perspectives.

    Evrim also values gender equality, and this is reflected by the fact that 36% of our full-time employees are women.


    Having active exploration projects in Mexico and Canada means building relationships with a wide range of people. People are identified based on their traditional territory, their technical capability and their extent of interest for information and involvement.

    We value the trust and respect of the communities where we work, and to the extent possible, we support local engagement in the form of services and labour.

    Engagement varies greatly with each project. Traditional knowledge and archeological surveys may be included as part of the engagement process.  Engagement is tailored to the needs of the communities and varies from regular updates of activities to formal meetings and presentations.


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